BRownsburg Town Council hires town manager

Brownsburg Town Council hires town manager, approves annexation

Compiled by Melissa Gibson 

The Brownsburg Town Council met Jan. 27 for a regular meeting at Brownsburg Town Hall. The next meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Feb. 10 at 61 N. Green St., Brownsburg. 

What happened: Brownsburg Police Department Chief Joe Grimes and Brownsburg Fire Territory Chief Larry Alcorn both submitted their department reports. 

What it means: The police department extended three conditional offers to new officers, pending psychological and physical tests. They hope to have all three people join the department by March to begin training. The fire territory will make three conditional offers this week and hope to begin their academy training by March 21. They are currently interviewing medics and have enough employees at this point to put a third medic truck in service. 

What happened: Kathy Dillion, water utilities director, recognized members of the water utilities department. 

What this means: After naming each employee and thanking them for their contributions to the town, Dillion spoke about the unusual emergencies and challenges of the water utility department. 

What happened: Previously considered items were approved. 

What this means: The council approved an annexation of property located at 8810 E. CR 400 N, 8820 E. CR 400 N and 1290 Hideaway Lane. A third ordinance was approved to amend the official zoning map for Certain Real Estate located near South Green Street and South Northfield Drive within the West Wynne Farms neighborhood. 

What happened: The council considered a tax abatement resolution for incoming business Acorn Distributors. 

What it means: The council approved a declaratory resolution regarding a 10-year tax abatement for property located at 1625 W. Northfield Drive for Jana Holdings. The Acorn Distributors facility is a $11 million project in a 125,000 square foot building, offering 71 new jobs. 

What happened: Nominations from the council president and council were needed for the Advisory Plan Commission (APC) board and Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) board. 

What this means: Council President Travis Tschaenn nominated Jeff Humphreys to both the APC and BZA boards. The council nominated Steve Fletcher to the APC Board. All nominations were unanimously approved. 

What happened: The council discussed an update on the town manager. 

What this means: Current interim co-manager Deb Cook was unanimously nominated as town manager for Brownsburg.