Something for Everyone

Join in on the fun at the Hendricks County Fair

By Jackson Luce

The county fair is a magical experience. Whether it’s the sweet aroma of deliciously flaky elephant ears, or the whirring of colorful lights overhead, the fair can offer moments that will be remembered forever.

The Hendricks County Fair has something to offer everyone. That means everyone, because not only does it include carnival rides and animal showcases, but it also includes live music, artwork showcases, and terrific stunts.

Missing the excitement of fall semester football games? Throughout the week you can visit the unforgettable shows that will be taking place in the grandstands. These include off-road vehicle races, rodeo events, and to end the week, a demolition derby. These spectacles in the grandstands will also provide the perfect setting to reconnect with local friends you’ve been missing this summer.

(Photo submitted by Visit Hendricks County)

If you and your group are seeking more of a thrill, check out the human cannonball show, or watch a daring jump off of a massive high dive. And then, go sing and dance at the live music stage to keep the good vibes flowing.

And of course, there’s all of the rides at the carnival. Some people would consider this the apex of the fair experience. Not only is it vital to the fairgrounds, it is one of those quintessential moments that can define life as a teenager. Looking back and thinking about the “good ol’ days,” the fun of the county fair is sure to be a highlight every time.

With all the fun that’s awaiting, all that’s left to do now is head on over and enjoy the rides. From July 16th through the 22nd, head down to the Hendricks County 4-H Fairgrounds. Admission is available for $5, a small price to pay for a summer-defining event.

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