Plainfield Town Council approves purchase agreement between the town and Indianapolis Airport, adds provisions to use of public records

Compiled by Nicole Davis

The Plainfield Town Council met July 10 for a regular council meeting. The meeting was live streamed for members of the public who could not attend. The council meets at 6 p.m. for a work session and 7 p.m. for a council meeting on the second and fourth Mondays each month, at 591 Moon Road. Agendas and meeting minutes can be found at The next meeting is scheduled for July 24.

WHAT HAPPENED: The council approved Resolution No. 2023-30 and 31, adopting a written fiscal plan and establishing a policy for the provision of town services to annexed areas: 2862 S. State Road 267 and 6371 S. County Road 600 E., 6391 S. County Rd 600 E., and 6025 Bree Lane, respectively.

WHAT IT MEANS: 2862 S. State Road 267 is part of the Jessup Meadow subdivision. There is one residence at this location. The other three addresses as part of Resolution 31 located on the west and north sides of the existing corporate boundaries on the southwest side of the town and consists of three households.

WHAT HAPPENED: The council passed Ordinance No. 25-2023 on first reading, which would prohibit the unlawful use of public records for commercial purposes.

WHAT IT MEANS: The Access to Public Records Act provides that a person has the right to access information regarding the government and the official acts of public officials and employees, and that government officials have a responsibility to provide that information. This ordinance states that any individual or entity receiving public records or information shall not use those records for commercial purposes. A person who uses information in a manner contrary to this ordinance may be prohibited by the town from obtaining a copy of any further data.

WHAT HAPPENED: The council passed an approval of a purchase agreement between the town and the Indianapolis Airport Authority regarding approximately 17 acres located between Perry Road and Clover Drive, at a purchase price not to exceed $295,000, Funded from US 40 TIF.

WHAT IT MEANS: The seller is expected to survey the property within 30 days and provide any surveys, environmental reports, any existing title insurance policies or abstracts for the property, soil reports, tax bills and more to the town within five days after the effective date.