Paving of areas in and around townhall park was approved

Compiled by Peg McRoy

The Avon Town Council met June 22. Meetings can be viewed on the town’s social media accounts. The council meets at 7 p.m. the second and fourth Thursday of the month at the Avon Town Hall, 6570 E. U.S. 36. The next scheduled meeting is July 13.

What happened: The police department was given approval to purchase a 2023 Tahoe police pursuit vehicle for $42,400 from Kelly Chevrolet located in Fort Wayne, Ind.

What this means: This is a replacement vehicle for the police department for a vehicle that was deemed a total loss due to a collision it was involved in about a month ago. Whenever a vehicle is purchased for the department, police equipment must be installed. The department is awaiting a report from The Waymire Group on what or if any of the equipment from the totaled vehicle can be salvaged and installed within the new one.

What happened: A $29,500 quote from Samcro Roofing Asphalt Cement Service for the paving of the gravel areas in and around townhall park was approved. Samcro is located in Plainfield.

What this means: There are three locations in the park that the parks department would like to pave. One is the connection between Avon United Methodist Church over to the town. The second area is from Parkside Church over to the town trail. The third one is from the trail over to the amphitheater.  Samco will remove the gravel, put down three inches of stone base, pave these areas with 2.5 inches of asphalt, and roll and compact the asphalt to harden it. Weather permitting, the work will be completed in seven days.

What happened: A proposal from Signal Construction Incorporated was approved for the construction of a pedestrian crosswalk signal at CR 200 North and Bicentennial Trail. The cost of the project is $26,934.

What this means: Town Manager Ryan Cannon reported that the township has had some issues with pedestrians crossing CR 625 and were having difficulty getting quotes. Avon offered to assist the township in obtaining quotes. During that process it became apparent that one is also needed at CR 200 North and Bicentennial Trail due to high foot traffic at that location. The township is pursuing the installation at CR625 near Murphy Aquatic Park. One of the unique features of this pedestrian signal is that an overhead lighting fixture will illuminate the entire crosswalk area when the system is activated.

What happened: A letter of intent (LOI) between Pasare, LLC and the town was approved by the council for the infrastructure installation for the planned Avon Riverwalk District and the Easton Grey over 55 housing development. This area is west of White Lick Creek.

What this means: Pasare wants to develop a commercial, civic, residential, and age-restricted community on approximately 500 acres. This LOI is non-binding for both parties. An LOI is simply a document that ensures all parties are interested in going forward with the project.  A final contract agreement will be presented to the council at a later date.

What happened: An LOI between Blue Peninsula Real Estate and the town was rejected by the council. Blue Peninsula made an offer to purchase approximately a half-acre of land on the southeast corner of CR 100 and Dan Jones Road for $75,000.

What this means:  The town purchased this property for the building of the roundabout at that corner. The half-acre of land that Peninsula offered to purchase is considered a remnant of the roundabout project. The council had the option to accept or reject the LOI and voted to reject it.