New Year, new beer?

By Scarlet Samm

As we say goodbye to 2017 and look forward to the New Year, many of you may be planning out your resolutions. Does that mean you’re looking to cut out the high-calorie craft beer you love and switch to more reasonable offerings? You don’t have to! There are plenty of “light” craft beer offerings that are sure to quench your thirst.

Big imperial stouts, porters and my favorite, sour beers, tend to be quite high in calories and alcohol content. Trying to get swimwear ready isn’t exactly easy when you aren’t cutting back and trying out some low-calorie options. These big and bold heavy hitters aren’t conducive to the “healthy” lifestyle.

While I don’t mind a Michelob Ultra when there isn’t a good craft beer offering, it doesn’t have the flavor I prefer. Sierra Nevada’s Nooner Pilsner is a lighter craft beer that still packs the flavor. It is a German-style beer that is full of floral and crisp spicy notes. Nooner has approximately 155 calories per serving and is a session beer at 5.6 percent ABV. This is definitely one I would try out if I were you!

Evil Twin makes a great ultra sessionable IPA called Bikini Beer. It was named after Bikini Atoll where atom bombs were tested and the swimwear created by a French car engineer. The ABV is only 2.7 percent and the calories are around 81. Bikini has a well-rounded profile. It is crisp, light and aromatic with citrus fruits but still flavorful. It is also fairly easy on the wallet at about $10 per six-pack.

You may know that I love sour beer and it would pain me to not have one every once in a while. While the ones I tend to go for are higher in calories, I have found a very reasonable option! Bell’s Brewery makes a tart wheat ale (basically the German-style Berliner Weisse) called Oarsman. A single 12-ounce-can has 120 calories and the beer is 4 percent ABV. While Oarsman isn’t a gut-punching, mouth-puckering sour, it is highly satisfying and doesn’t disappoint in the flavor department. Light and airy salt notes give way to a slightly tart adventure that is backed up with a refreshing malty finish.

You see, you don’t have to give up what you love. Take a step back and search out options that may better suit what you are trying to accomplish. There are plenty of “light” craft beers on store shelves that will satisfy any craving. You don’t have to give up flavor in place of the healthier you!