Hendricks Power Cooperative and Endeavor Communications announce joint venture

 Providing fiber optic internet technology for local residents

Hendricks Power Cooperative announced today the formation of a joint venture agreement with Endeavor Communications of Cloverdale, supporting the expansion of internet and other telecommunications services throughout Hendricks, Putnam and Montgomery counties. The collaboration enables future infrastructure development, bringing fiber optic internet technology to underserved rural areas. The venture has resulted in the formation of Hendricks Power’s HP Connect, a Limited Liability Corporation.

Expansion sites identified by Hendricks Power Cooperative and Endeavor Communications include Heritage Lake, Pittsboro, Maplewood, Hazelwood, Danville, North Salem, New Maysville, Fillmore and Tilden areas.  Over 5,000 homes will have access to high-speed internet upon project completion over a four-year span.

Recent construction between New Winchester and Danville has resulted in over 250 new business and/or home service installations, with additional connections currently underway in the Tilden and Pittsboro areas. Other locations of service will be introduced in strategic phases, with strong consideration being given to service requests within Hendricks Power’s service area.

“Our members and community leaders greatly expressed the need for access to high-speed internet,” Greg Ternet, CEO of Hendricks Power Cooperative, said. “Combining the resources of these two cooperative-based businesses will allow us to bring fiber-based technological services in a quicker and more efficient fashion. Joint investments by Hendricks Power and Endeavor Communications will help our community grow in terms of quality of life and economic development.”

Ternet also mentioned that the collaboration with Endeavor Communications and its initiatives would not impact electric rates of member-owners.

“Endeavor Communications is proud to have the support of Hendricks Power Cooperative and their newly formed LLC,” stated Darin LaCoursiere, CEO of Endeavor Communications. “We are strongly committed to helping improve the lives of our neighbors. Students, business-owners, and others alike will now be able to access resources to ensure success.  We couldn’t be more excited about being a part of this expansion.”

Endeavor Communications was recently named Fastest Fiber Provider and Fastest Internet Provider in Indiana by BroadBand Now. They were also listed within the Top Ten Fastest Fiber Provider Nationwide category and Top Internet Speeds Nationwide.

For more information about availability and/or upcoming services in your area, please visit join.weendeavor.com.