Danville Town Council adopts budget, approves soil boring and fire department purchase

Compiled by Peg McRoy Glover

The Danville Town Council met Oct. 6. Meetings can be viewed on YouTube. The council meets at 7 p.m. the first and third Wednesdays of the month at Danville Town Hall, 49 N. Wayne St. The next scheduled meeting is Nov. 3. 

What happened: The council approved and adopted the proposed budget for 2022 that was introduced at the Sept. 15 meeting with an Oct. 6 public hearing.

What this means: The adopted budget for the town of Danville in 2022 is $9,236,514 with an adopted maximum tax levy of $3,358,836. The bulk of the budget is in the general fund set at $6,535,988. The home-rule funds, those that the town has the right to use at its discretion, total $1,361.978. Of that total, $225,000 come from the food and beverage tax. 

What happened: The wastewater department was given approval to spend funds on soil boring for the town’s north and south wastewater collectors. The cost for the north soil boring is $15,737, and the south is $12,368. New sewer interceptor lines are going to be installed.

What this means: This is the first segment of improving the town’s sewer system. Soil boring is a discovery process that determines exactly what a contractor will be dealing with when new equipment is installed. It ensures the soil is stable, determines compaction and indicates if there is underground water that could interfere with the process. It assists the town and contractors in the bidding process. 

What happened: The fire department was given approval to spend $24,500 to purchase 10 dive gear suits. 

What this means: Danville’s fire department’s current dive gear does not include dry suits, which better ensure that the diver remains warm and dry in very cold water. The cost is $24,500, with an expected life of 10 years. 

What happened: The town annexed property owned by Constance A. Goodlander located north of the town at 538 N. CR 50 E.

What this means: This is a super-voluntary annexation request from Goodlander. It is zoned and will remain zoned single family residential. This property will now have access to the town utilities, mainly water services.