DCHS senior writes and directs upcoming play

‘The Clockmaker’ premiers Thursday, Feb. 16

“The Clockmaker” is premiering soon at DCHS, and it comes with a twist. This play is written and directed by DCHS senior Hunter VanBebber.

VanBebber started writing this play during his freshman year of high school with the intention of doing something different and unique. As he continued in his high school career, it became more about finishing what he started, and the story transformed in ways he never expected.

“The interesting thing is, I had original freshman year ideas, and I kept almost none of them. I kept two characters and one other [character] … everything else has changed since then,” VanBebber explained.

Not only did the story transform over time, but it developed a deeper meaning beyond characters on a stage. VanBebber wanted to depict a story about the world around us and change the way people think to potentially make a larger impact on their community.

VanBebber comes from a very creative family and has been writing stories since he was in kindergarten. He grew up writing educational stories and superhero books for his sister, creating D&D campaigns and even trying his hand at writing a chapter book in sixth grade. He always had a passion for storytelling and using his imagination, so it is no surprise that he has written and directed his own play now.

Despite the stress and sleep loss that has accompanied his endless dedication to this production, VanBebber is very proud of this play and is excited to see his work come to life.

When asked what he is most proud of about this experience, VanBebber said he is proud that he didn’t abandon his work and finished creating something so big. He added, “The fact that I’m seeing this to fruition, and it’s looking really cool, which is surprising, is nice.”

This is the perfect way to cap off his senior year before graduating in May and heading to college. He plans to become a high school history teacher and hopefully run the theatre department on the side. It didn’t take him long to describe his top goals because, for him, they’ve never changed.

“The main goals in my life that would give me fulfillment is I want to be a good teacher, a good writer, a good dad and a good grandpa,” said VanBebber.

He hopes to one day look back at this as a proclaimed writer and see how much his work has grown and how proud he should be of what he accomplished at a younger age.

“The Clockmaker” will be showing at Danville Community High School on Feb. 16 and 17 at 7 p.m. and Feb. 19 at 2 p.m.