Danville Town Council approves virtual attendance, off-road vehicles

By Peg McRoy Glover

At its June 16 meeting the Danville Town Council approved a resolution that establishes the town’s guidelines for electronic attendance before Gov. Eric Holcomb’s optional virtual meeting attendance policy expires June 30.

A town council member may attend up to four council and four committee meetings electronically in a year and more than four if it is due to illness, military service, death of a relative or other medical or emergencies. Members must notify the council at least seven days in advance. Members cannot attend electronically if the council is adopting a budget, reducing personnel, initiating a referendum, increasing a fee, establishing or increasing a penalty, using the town’s eminent domain authority or establishing, raising,or renewing a tax. At least half of the council members must be physically present.

The council also adopted an ordinance that allows offroad vehicles to operate on Danville streets. These are regulated by the state of Indiana and will not be required to register with the town.

A vehicle capable of cross country travel can now operate on the streets of Danville. They may not be driven on sidewalks, trails or unpaved surfaces on public property. Each occupant must have and use a separate seat. Drivers must adhere to posted speed limits and operate the vehicle so it does not cause damage to the street or disturb the roadway. Penalties will be assessed from $30-$150 for violations.