Danville Town Council motion to annex Miles property fails

By Peg McRoy Glover

The Danville Town Council failed to carry a motion at its March 17 meeting to annex 388 acres west of Danville. This property known as the Miles farm has been marked by developer D.R. Horton for a planned unit development with 1,041 homes, 23 acres of commercial development, 17 acres of trails, recreational facilities and fire station.  

This council’s failed motion came after a series of strong public comments against this development and despite a positive recommendation from the plan commission. Several citizens said that they are not against growth but are against this development because of the proposed housing density. 

Council member Greg VanLaere made a motion to annex the property. There was silence from the rest of the council. At that point, Danville’s town attorney Chou-il Lee. said that it is a failed motion and D.R. Horton’s only recourse is to take it to the court system for a ruling within the next 60 days. 

The property sits west of Danville on the northside of U.S. 36 between Mackey Road and North County Road 200 W. This area is currently a mix of residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural districts. 

Resident Greg Black said the town is not ready for this type of development, and it will have a negative impact, particularly the anticipated traffic congestion along U.S. 36. Other residents spoke against the annexation citing a possible influx of students to the Danville Community School Corporation and the strain it might put on the town’s infrastructure. 

D.R. Horton attorney John Moore said the 10-12 year buildout plan, allows time for the infrastructure to be put into place before construction begins. He also presented letters of support from Danville Community School Corporation Superintendent Tracy Shafer, Hendricks Regional Health and the Danville town staff. 

Road plans for this future development include connectivity for a future bypass, Moore said. He pointed out that this project would bring $1.5 to $1.8 million of local tax revenue and would include 28 acres of athletic fields, a public park and a fire station.