Construction zone: Exercise caution when driving through detours and muddy roads ahead


Danville has no street closures planned for longer than three days, but Hendricks County and Brownsburg have projects scheduled that will affect motorists the remainder of 2021. (Photo by Gus Pearcy)

By Gus Pearcy

As per usual, the season of orange cones has arrived with warmer weather, bringing improvement projects to roads and streets in Hendricks County. Most major road work is performed by contractors, so project dates are projections that are dependent on several factors, usually weather. 

Terry Benton with the Hendricks County Highway Department said motorists often don’t understand the process.

“The perception is that the day the road is open to traffic, the work is complete,” Benton said. “That is far from true. We actually start getting calls to pick up signs and port-a-potties the next day, but they could still be needed for weeks.”

During Work Zone Awareness week in April, INDOT put out some helpful reminders during construction season. First, drivers should avoid taking their hands off the wheel while heading through a work zone. Also, pay careful attention to speed limit reductions, narrowing lanes and changing traffic patterns.

She asked the public to remain patient and continue to slow down in the construction zones to make it safe for everyone. The reward, she added, is a safer road to travel.

Danville has no street closures planned for longer than three days, but Hendricks County and Brownsburg have projects scheduled that will affect motorists the remainder of 2021.

Hendricks County road projects

Work on County Road 350 N between Ind. 75 and County Road 625 W will close the street May 17 for 180 days.

The majority of county work will focus on bridge replacement projects. 

  • One replacement is the bridge on County Road 75 N over Ross Ditch, just east of Ind. 39. 
  • The bridge over the east fork of Mill Creek on County Road 250 W, just north of County Road 500 S is also scheduled for replacement. 

Dates for closure have not been finalized, but the highway department expects the two bridges will be closed for 120 days each.

  • The bridge over a branch of Ramp Run on County Road 350 N just east of Ind. 75 will close on or after May 17 for six months.

Brownsburg road projects

Brownsburg has two big projects going that will require closures. 

The roundabout installation at Hornaday and Airport roads will close the intersection for nearly three months. The dates are slated for June 1-Aug. 29 when the intersection will allow some traffic. However, the actual project will continue through Oct. 15. This is a project that will last longer than when the road opens for vehicles.

The second project will close roads to improve water and sewage infrastructure. Called the Northside Drainage Improvement Project, it will upgrade water service lines, water mains and sanitary and storm sewers. When completed, the area will have improved sidewalks and curbs, too. 

However, it will cause some street closures for the area north of Main Street and east of Green Street for the remainder of the year. The closures include the following streets and dates:

  • Jefferson Street closed now until Sept. 16,
  • Parthenia Avenue closed now until Sept. 3
  • Adams Street closed now until Aug. 30
  • Grant Street closed June 1-Nov. 2
  • Jefferson Street closed July 1-Nov. 15
  • Copeland Drive closed Oct. 11 through Nov. 22
  • Adams Street closed Oct. 25-Nov. 26
  • Railroad Street closed Nov. 18-19

INDOT also scheduled several road closures for upgrades in Brownsburg. 

Resurfacing of Indiana 267 will restrict traffic north of I-74. The project has already started in Whitestown and is moving south. Watch for flaggers all the way to Highland Green Drive. The project is slated to end in early June.

INDOT will also close Ind. 75 for 60 days at the bridge a mile and a half south of Ind. 236. The bridge over a branch of Big Walnut Creek could close as early as June 1.