Brownsburg Town Council approves tax deduction for vacant property along U.S. Hwy 136

By Melissa Gibson

The Brownsburg Town Council met May 25 for a regular meeting at the Brownsburg Town Hall. The next meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. June 8 at 61 N. Green St., Brownsburg.

What happened: The Council issued two proclamations; one for Pride Month and the other for Juneteenth.

What this Means: Council President Travis Tschaenn read the proclamation that said in part, the town of Brownsburg is a diverse community that embraces people of all races, creeds, background, sexual orientation and gender identity. The Town recognizes the work of local advocates and June 2023 is proclaimed as Pride Month.

In recognition of Juneteenth, Tschaenn shared the history behind the date. President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation on Jan 1, 1863. On June 19, 1865, the residents of Galveston, TX were advised of the news. Juneteenth is a national day celebrating the end of slavery in the United States and meant to promote knowledge, appreciation of Black American history, resilience, family and culture. The Council proclaimed June 19, 2023, as Juneteenth for the Town of Brownsburg.

What happened: Chief Joe Grimes shared the Brownsburg Police Department’s (BPD) monthly report.

What this Means: Grimes spoke about the recruitment process for a civilian position within the department. The Brownsburg Police Commissioners were presented with a full time sworn recruitment update last week and three individuals have been offered a position to replace their current vacant positions. BPD hopes to have a start date within the next month.

What happened: Water Utilities Director Kathy Dillon recognized the Brownsburg Wastewater Challenge Team.

What this Means: Each year, the Wastewater Challenge is held for staff across the state of Indiana. The Brownsburg team competed in seven areas such as safety, collections, residuals, general utility and management and others. The Brownsburg team placed first in safety and pretreatment. For the second year in a row, they will move forward to the national competition in Chicago this fall.

What happened: The Council heard a declaratory resolution request for a vacant building tax deduction.

What this Means: The property located at 10440 E. US Highway 136 has been vacant since 2017. Petitioners from Samp’s Hack Shack/Land Holdings, LLC plan to invest $200,000 into the 90-acres site, just north of Indianapolis Raceway Park to renovate the existing facility. Future plans include the building of an indoor training facility as well as additional baseball and softball fields. The Council approved the deduction unanimously.