Beasley’s Orchard delays Sunflower Festival due to planting challenges

By Lindsay Doty

Beasley’s Orchard in Danville is rescheduling its Sunflower Festival due to planting challenges. The picturesque event will not happen in the last two weekends in August as previously planned but will likely take place in September with exact dates coming soon.

The family-run orchard had to replant its sunflower seeds after rainy weather forced them to start over.

“We wish that farming was easier but we just have to go with the flow,” said Jim Finley, a spokesperson for the orchard.

“We only got about a 25 percent stand on our first planting because it was during that weird week where it was on again off again rain and that just doesn’t allow a good soil compound for a seed to really germinate and thrive so we had to scrap the whole thing and start over.”

When it’s ready, the festival allows guests a chance to explore the farm’s sunflowers, pick stems, and snap plenty of Instagram-worthy photos.

The family-owned farm decided to add the summer event to the roster last year when organizers realized the appeal and beauty of their flowers. The inaugural event was a hit, along with being one of the few socially distant outings in 2020.

The sunflower field will be open until 8:30 p.m on weekends to accommodate photos during the golden hour sunsets.

The orchard is known for its busy fall agritainment but has expanded in popularity recently with its u-pick summer strawberry season.