Avon Town Council moves ahead with home, road projects; approves website upgrade

Compiled by Peg McRoy Glover

The Avon Town Council met Aug. 12 at Avon Town Hall. The meeting can be viewed on the town’s Facebook page and YouTube. The next scheduled meeting is 7 p.m. Sept. 9, 6570 E. U.S. 36. 

What happened: A planned unit development was introduced that will be located on County Road 100 N and 1/2 mile west of Ronald Reagan Parkway. Bryce Langen, vice president and treasurer of Pulte Homes, presented a proposal for the Brookstone residential community. 

What this means: Brookstone will be built on 81 acres and be a cluster-type planned unit development. This means open land will be used for recreational space or for agricultural purposes such as a shared garden area. Developers say it creates more open space, helps protect natural features and reduces infrastructure costs. Brookstone will have a maximum of 160 single family homes and a minimum of 152 with 30-35 acres of open space. Two Avon residents spoke in support of this development.


What happened: Jared Wade, Avon community coordinator, was given approval for a one-year $35,000 agreement for website modernization with CivicPlus. There is also a $5,775 maintenance fee for the second year. It is expected to roll into a four-year agreement. 

What this means: The new site should take six months to build and be ready in January 2022. This program will modernize the town’s website and create access and branding among departments. Brownsburg and Plainfield use CivicPlus. Danville could start using CivicPlus that would create a cohesive feel throughout the county. 


What happened: Avon Deputy Chief of Police Brian Nugent was given permission to purchase two in-car video camera systems from Motorola Solution for new squad cars for $14,520. 

What this means:  These two in-car cameras are high-resolution and part of an overall upgrade to the system. The recordings provide better evidence during an investigation and help protect against fraudulent allegations. This also includes two body cameras.  


What happened: Public Works director Steve Moore was given approval to move forward with a  $124,400 preliminary agreement with Etica Group for engineering services to configure a roundabout at County Road 100 N and Raceway Road on the Marion-Hendricks County line. 

What this means: Part of the agreement includes the assistance from Etica for the funding application for Marion County that is due in October. Previously, Marion County declined funding assistance but gave a letter of support. Etica will do a topographic survey, location control route survey, environmental services, road design and plan development, drainage and detention design, utility coordination and preliminary hardscape design concepts.