Local teen’s path to the world of art is as unique as it is inspirational

By Mike Beas

Isaac Stark has been diagnosed with autism and two genetic disorders, but life’s glass has never once been viewed as half-empty.

More accurately, Stark, 15, a home-schooled Hendricks County resident who uses his artwork as a form of both therapy and inspiration, is the embodiment of positivity.

“It’s been an interesting journey because I’ll wake up in the morning and there might be a small skill he doesn’t know how to do,” said Stark’s mother, Trish, who with her husband, Cliff, also have two adult sons. “But I’ll tell you what, he’s the most positive person I’ve ever met in my life.

“Isaac has wonderful friends who are always there for him, but I think he was born that way. He’s always happy.”

Isaac Stark’s infectious vibe can even be experienced on YouTube, as he’s put together a number of videos designed to encourage people with sensory issues to reap the benefits of art the way he has.

This from a young man who couldn’t speak until the age of 4, and then, according to Trish, suddenly graduated to the world of complete sentences.

Stark’s video clips are entitled “Isaac’s Art Studio 1,” and instruct those who tune in on a wide range of art-related endeavors, whether it’s vase painting, using one’s creativity to make a forgotten record album suddenly display-worthy and more.

Other facets in which he’s specialized are conventional paintings, coaster sets and trivets.

Isaac’s videos instruct viewers on a wide range of art-related endeavors.
(Submitted photo)

Isaac Stark is open to selling his artwork, as well. He uses the money to buy the art supplies necessary in order to create additional YouTube videos designed to inspire as much as educate.

“It’s just fun, really,” said Isaac. “Honestly, I just liked what I made because it was beautiful. Other people have disabilities, too, and I want to show that it shouldn’t limit you.

“It’s your life. You should choose how to live it.”

Stark, who attended online with the Indiana Digital Learning School, didn’t begin reaping the benefits of creating his own art until he was 10.

It doesn’t stop there. He uses his platform as a volunteer to speak each summer at the Caring Hands Camps for children at the Boys & Girls Club of Boone County (the family formerly resided in Whitestown), helping guide them through an art project.

“Isaac has sensory issues, so we went through a lot of different therapies to help with that,” said Trish. “I’m an artist, so I started using that as therapy. It took several years before Isaac really enjoyed it.

“Then he started seeing how beautiful the art was that he was creating.”

If feeling an orange backdrop highlighted by presences of purple and brown (Isaac’s favorite color), so be it. He makes it work. If neon colors are tugging at Stark’s curiosity, he’s unafraid to travel that avenue.

For more information, or to visit Isaac Stark’s online shop, go to The website shows photographs and prices of Stark’s unique artwork, including hand-painted vases, trivets and coasters.